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CRC Tough Wash
CRC Tough Wash is an advanced heavy duty formula that provides exceptional cleaning that removes the toughest dirt and grime safely from all paint surfaces. CRC Tough Wash cleans thoroughly without stripping your vehicles protective coating or dulling paintwork.

Dilute with water to clean away dirt and grime and leave a brilliant streak-free shine.

Applied full strength, CRC Tough Wash removes stubborn bugs, road tar, tree sap and bird residue.

Features & Benefits

Heavy duty formula – Removes tough dirt, grime, bugs, road tar, tree sap, bird residue
Safe for all paint surfaces
Cleans without stripping the protective coating
Will not dull paintwork
Will not leave water spots on glass or paintwork
Leaves a brilliant streak-free shine
Made in NZ
CRC Plastic & Rubber Doctor
CRC Plastic & Rubber Doctor is a faded plastic and rubber restorer that instantly restores, protects and maintains original colour and lustre of exterior trim. Easy application provides a deep, rich shine, renewing the appearance of dull, faded, discoloured plastic and rubber trim. For use on all colours and textures of plastic, vinyl and rubber.

The long-lasting protection barrier of CRC Plastic & Rubber Doctor lasts up to 4 months. It withstands repeated car washing, rain, environmental contaminants and helps prevent fading caused by UV rays and sun exposure. It will also cover white residue left behind by traditional waxes and polishes. It will not streak or run onto your cars finish in rain or car washes.

Use safely on all porous and non-porous plastic surfaces such as plastic bumpers, trim, rubber, gaskets, decorative mouldings, air vents, window trim & wiper arms, mirror housing etc.

Features & Benefits
Made in NZ
Quick and easy
Instantly restores original colour to faded plastic & rubber
Long-lasting weather & UV protection – Lasts up to 4 months
For use on all colours & textures of plastic, vinyl and rubber
Can be used safely on all porous and non-porous plastic surfaces
Withstands repeated car washing, rain, environmental contaminants and helps prevent fading caused by UV rays and sun exposure
Covers white residue left behind by traditional waxes and polishes
Will not streak or run in rain or car washes
CRC Bug & Tar Remover
CRC Bug & Tar Remover is formulated to remove stubborn bugs, road tar, tree sap and bird residue from vehicle exteriors. Simply spray the affected area, leave for 5 minutes and wipe with a clean cloth. Nothing more than a simple bit of spot cleaning.

Our unique formula works by quickly penetrating the substance to leave a glossy shine that also helps repel future bugs, tar and grime.

CRC Bug & Tar Remover is suitable for use on painted panels, bumpers, chrome, some plastics, glass, glass headlights and is safe to use on clear coat finishes.

Features & Benefits
Safely and easily removes stubborn bugs, tar, tree sap and bird residue
Easy to apply - Simply spray and wipe
Leaves a glossy shine that helps repel future grime
Suitable for exterior car surfaces – Painted panels, bumpers, chrome, some plastics, glass and glass headlights
Clear-coat safe
Made in NZ
CRC Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
CRC Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is an upholstery cleaner that cleans & deodorises a variety of surfaces in your car, boat & home. The unique formulation will remove even the toughest stains, while the deodorant eliminates odours leaving surfaces smelling fresh.

It is a versatile car upholstery cleaner that will keep your car interior clean and is ideal for use on carpets, vinyl, vinyl roofs, car seats, car leather, cloth, velour, metal, wood, rubber and paintwork. Easy to use, simply spray on and wipe off and has a brush lid for those stubborn stains.

Once you have a cleaned car with CRC Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner we’ve no doubts there’ll be no looking back.

Note - Do not use on interior plastics. Do not use on hood linings as it may soften some adhesives. Interior car cleaner not suitable for exterior use. Supersedes "CRC Interior Cleaner"

Features & Benefits
For use in your car, boat & home
Suitable for a variety of surfaces including dashboards & door trims
Contains a deodorising fragrance – Eliminates bad odours
Solvent-free – Does not discolour surfaces or attack adhesives
Foaming spray pattern – Allows soaking into the material
Removes stains - Breaks the bond between dirt and material
Brush Lid – For stubborn stains
Easy to use – Spray on, wipe off.
Made in NZ
CRC Leather Cleaner & Conditioner
CRC Leather Cleaner & Conditioner is a unique 3 in 1 formulation that safely cleans, moisturises and protects leather surfaces in one easy step. The gentle cleansers safely deep clean the car leather lifting dirt, stains and spills, while the leather conditioner with rich conditioning agents and natural oils moisturise the leather for a beautiful natural look.

It’ll leave you with a long-lasting protective barrier against UV damage on a daily basis.

If you are after superior a car leather cleaner, then you won’t want to look past this.

Features & Benefits
Cleans, moisturises & protects leather
Prevents premature wear due to sun, heat and time
One easy step
CRC Liquid Armour Low Sheen 500ML
CRC Liquid Armour is a vinyl and rubber protectant that protects a number of surfaces including vinyl, wood, plastic and rubber trim, fibreglass, chrome, dashboards and wood. It forms a long-lasting, non-greasy protective barrier on and under the surface, guarding against cracking, dulling, fading and UV damage offering great protection from the sun.

Materials treated with CRC Liquid Armour repel water, receive long-lasting protection and sheen, regain lustre, life and colour. The anti-static formulation repels dust & dirt while leaving a fresh leather scent.

CRC Liquid Armour should be sprayed onto a dry, clean cloth or similar, and not directly onto plastic surfaces. Not suitable for floors, stairs, fabric, two-wheel vehicles, on vehicle pedals/grips/steering wheels and other surfaces where slipperiness may be unsafe.

Great low sheen natural look
Protects and Restores
Superior UV protection
CRC Mag Monster Wheel Cleaner 500ML
CRC Mag Monster is formulated with powerful iron emulsifiers to penetrate brake dust and quickly clean your wheels. By attacking the brake dust underneath road grime, it allows for a complete clean, leaving your wheels shining, with minimal effort. You will be able to see the product begin working immediately, turning purple as it gently cleans.

CRC Mag Monster is pH neutral, acid free, and safe on all painted, chromed, alloy, and plastic dipped wheels. CRC Mag Monster has been formulated to have a pleasant scent, eliminating the sulphur odour commonly associated with brake dust removers.

Note: Optimised for iron brake dust removal. Not suitable for white wheels, unsealed or porous surfaces.

Features and Benefits:

Easily removes brake dust and road grime
pH neutral
Makes light work of cleaning wheels
Pleasant scent - No sulphur smell
Ideal for performance and race vehicles
CRC Wet Look Tyre Shine
CRC Wet Look produces a durable, ultra-high gloss, wet look shine for tyres, mudflaps and bumpers. Quick and easy - simply spray on and let the unique formula produce an intense, long lasting wet look shine. No rinsing, wiping or rubbing required.

CRC Wet Look will make tyres look clean and like new and is ideal for low profile and high performance tyres.

CRC has a full range of products to clean, shine and indulge your car. From wash & waxes to mag & tyre cleaners, the CRC range has every make and model covered.

Features & Benefits
Ultra high gloss tyre shine - Giving tyres that "brand new" look
Leaves a deep wet look finish
Quick & easy to apply
Contains high performance silicones to protect and enhance tyres
High endurance - Withstands normal wet conditions
Long lasting
Large 500ml can
CRC Glass Cleaner Aerosol 500ML
CRC Glass Cleaner is a glass cleaner with a professional formula quickly that easily removes tough dirt and grime including grease, fingerprints, bugs and smoke haze. It leaves glass sparkling and free from streaks and smears.

Its special surfactants help prevent misting when used on a regular basis. It is also an ideal fixing lubricant for window seals. It also contains no CFCs and is guaranteed safe to use on glass, tinted windows, perspex, plexiglass, mirrors and marble bench tops.

CRC Glass Cleaner is ideal for domestic and commercial purposes.

Features & Benefits
Professional formula
Sparkling streak-free finish for all glass surfaces
Contains no CFCs
Quick and easy removal of tough dirt and grime including grease, fingerprints, bugs and smoke haze
Prevents misting when used on a regular basis
Anti-static properties to keep surfaces dust-free
Guaranteed safe on glass, tinted windows, perspex, plexiglass, mirrors, marble benchtops
Available in 500ml Aerosol (foaming) or trigger bottle.
Made in New Zealand
Suitable for domestic and commercial use
CRC Rain Repellent
CRC Rain Repellent contains advanced water beading technology, significantly improving visibility. Apply to any exterior glass surface to give an invisible barrier that effectively turns rain into beads allowing it to run off.

Not only will CRC Rain Repellent help improve visibility it will also assist in keeping your glass cleaner for longer.

Features & benefits:

Easy to use aerosol application
Advanced water beading technology
Repels rain
Improves visibility
Long lasting


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